Cividale del Friuli - Devil's Bridge


Diabolical legends. The legacy of multiple cultures.

Forum Iulii. Civitas Austriae. Östrich: The city of Cividale has had many names. It is no wonder, here you are on historical ground. Cividale is located in the border region with Slovenia and about 50 minutes from Marina House. Visiting Cividale can be easily combined with a trip to Udine.

Once known as a Celtic settlement, the Goths, Lombards and Carolingians all ruled here, and the Marquises of Verona, the Venetians, the French and the Austrians also took a liking to Cividale before it eventually became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1866.

One thing you absolutely must do in Cividale is to walk across the famous Devil’s Bridge. No need to fear for your souls, as legend has it that the inhabitants of Cividale cheated the devil a long time ago. The underground grotto known as the Hypogeum is a bit creepy and full of mysteries. It is still not entirely clear whether it was a Celtic prayer room or a Roman prison. You will have to get the key to this underworld at the Maria della Valle monastery.

Cividale’s culinary tradition is also impressive; you can definitely taste the Slovenian influences here. Al Monastero has a Friulian fogolar (a cooking pot) in the middle of the dining room, a traditional fireplace, and the Nonino family produces the best grappa around.

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