Imperial flair. Lots of Dolce Vita. And a touch of nostalgia.

Once a famous seaside resort of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Grado is now a small diamond in the rough, a pearl in the popular Adriatic region. Grado is an island connected to the mainland by two bridges. The location of the “Island of the Sun” is spectacular. One side overlooks the Gulf of Trieste, the other the lagoon. Right in the middle is the old town between Porto Mandracchio and the romantic Nazario Suaro dyke.

We recommend cycling or taking a taxi to Grado, as there is very limited parking.

Walking through the old town is almost like walking in a labyrinth of ancient history and tradition, between charmingly restored narrow streets and houses from the early Christian period that are still inhabited by the “Graisani”. The Basilica of Santa Eufemia is a perfect symbol of this period.

There are numerous shops in the city centre all worth a visit. Whether window shopping or enjoying some extensive shopping, many shops are also open in the evenings.

We recommend visiting the Bar Alla Spiaggia for an aperitif or a cocktail, where Luigi and Maurizio will whisk you away into an atmosphere full of nostalgic Dolce Vita and “Fellini flair”. A round of “bar hopping” with a view of Porto Mandracchio is also highly enjoyable.

For dinner, we recommend Allan and Attias’ Tavernetta all’Androna. The two brothers run one of the best restaurants in the region and create modern culinary surprises. The location itself is spectacular. You’ll find the restaurant in the entrance hall of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. If you’re in the mood for some of the best pizza in the region, head to Bella Grado. A pleasure for all the senses!

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