Palmanova del Friuli bird's eye view


Baroque ideal city. A place steeped in history

It’s a good half-hour’s drive from Grado, a little further inland, and one of the last Baroque planned towns. Its magnificent architecture is impressive. There are few other places where the star-shaped city structure is still as well preserved as in Palme, which means Palmanova in Furlanese.

Founded in 1593, Palmanova was originally constructed as a fortress town for the Republic of Venice. Subsequently conquered by Napoleon, then handed over to the Austrians and finally annexed to the Kingdom of Italy, Palmanova still impresses with its cultural richness.

Enter the city through one of the three imposing city gates and work your way “ring by ring” to the large parade ground in the centre of the city. There are plenty of shops and cafés along the way. For a bite to eat, we recommend the pizzeria Ai Due Delfini, which is open all year round. If you come in September, you can enjoy a historical spectacle. Up to 1,000 people in costumes re-enact the historical disputes between the Habsburgs and the Venetians. A little later in the year, the city centre becomes a glittering Advent wonderland. If you feel like shopping, the Palmanova Outlet Village is the place to be. Another great thing to do: visit the weekly market, which takes place every Monday.

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