Favourite city of the King of the Huns. Italy – as pretty as a picture.

Udine is a beautiful city with impressive Venetian architecture and ancient buildings dominated by its castle. The view from the top of the castle is magnificent, taking in the rooftops of the city, the surrounding mountains and the waves of the Adriatic Sea.

Inhabited since Neolithic times, traversed by Attila, king of the Huns, who fell in love with the city’s hills, Udine became a major urban centre in 983 until 1222 when it became a patriarchal residence. Udine inspired the painter Giambattista Tiepolo in the 18th century. His masterpieces can be admired in the Patriarchal Palace and the Cathedral today.

Udine was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy in 1866. Right up to the present day, the city remains deeply rooted in the history of the region and combines it with a modern innovative strength. The tradition of the “Tajut”, a kind of wine ritual, also reflects this. Visit the city’s many taverns to sample the quality of Friuli’s top wines and enjoy the region’s culinary specialities.

The castle is the perfect starting point for a tour of the city. We recommend parking your car in the Magrini car park. From here, you can head towards the castle and take in the charming pedestrian zone, Piazza San Giacomo with its picture-postcard appeal, and the Loggia, which will take you to the castle.

Head back to Via Mercatovecchio for a spot of shopping, there are plenty of shops to choose from. The stylish hub of the city is undoubtedly the Il Duca D’Aosta store. Shops such as Cumini and Bugatti also sell a wide range of international luxury brands and Italian fashion. Shopping in Udine is well worth the trip. There is a huge selection on Piazza San Giacomo, Via Rialto and Via Canciani.

Almost a must – an Aperol Spritz on the Piazza San Giacomo or a detour to The Contearena Bar. We recommend the Vitello D’Oro, a real culinary institution in the city, for a high-end lunch or dinner. The Gustà al Lepre in Via Poscolle is a little more casual, but no less delicious. This is where you’ll also find the legendary Flag confectioners. If you want the best gelato in town, a visit to Gelateria O.G.G.I. is a must. If you’re in the mood for more cosmopolitan cuisine, the Japanese restaurant Shi’s is the place to be. You’ll also adore the special interior and its fantastic terrace at Largo Dei Pecile.

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