Motorboat in the lagoon of Grado

Holidays in Grado

365 days of freedom, enjoyment and magical moments
When nature blossoms in spring. When the world shrouds itself in golden autumn light. When mystical wisps of mist rise into the winter air – this is when all the beauty of the sunny island of Grado is revealed. The lagoon island on the northern Adriatic has long established a name for itself as a popular summer holiday destination. But Grado reveals its true magic, all its richness, outside the hot months. Experience a multi-faceted winter by the sea. Immerse yourself in the airy joie de vivre of the springtime lagoon. Discover the richness of autumn in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The Marina House is here for you all year round. With a unique location on the marina. Close to everything that makes life beautiful.

Winter wonderland
in the lagoon

When the island falls silent and the Adriatic sun sinks into the sea early in the morning, an almost poetic atmosphere settles over the land. Sometimes shrouded in thick morning mist, sometimes lit up by the winter sun, a winter holiday with us promises you plenty of peace, relaxation and moments to pause and replenish your energy. Wander through the deserted alleys of Grado, discover the many cultural treasures of the region and immerse yourself in beautiful traditions of Grado’s pre-Christmas season. Those travelling from the north can look forward to relaxing hours of sunshine in the south and plenty of dolce vita of the wintry kind.

Magical autumn
in Grado

It is almost as if the Gods were pouring out their horn of plenty and dressing the lagoon nature in the most colourful hues. Autumn in Friuli Venezia Giulia is a time of unadulterated pleasure, the perfect opportunity to enjoy life to the max. Delicate flavours, exquisite dishes from the kitchen and cellar and beguiling fragrances await. Pleasantly mild temperatures invite you to take endless strolls through the countryside and fascinating tours of discovery. Dream the day away in the golden light of autumn and enjoy your stay with us at the marina.

Springtime in
Friuli Venezia Giulia

Tender green. A jubilant concert of songbirds. And a warm wind that awakens all the spirits. The island of Grado blossoms in spring. And so do we. As the days finally start to get longer and the sun’s rays steadily gather strength, Marina House invites you to a special kind of spring holiday. You can get in shape on the golf course, explore the area by bike, find the trendiest outfits for warm days in the local towns, and take the first dip of the year in the fresh lagoon water.

Service at Marina House

A wonderful view of our own marina, a vast Mediterranean garden and cosy holiday accommodation for days of relaxation or exciting holidays on the upper Adriatic. Look forward to days of relaxation at the Marina House.

Food and drink

Food tastes best on holiday! Join us on a culinary tour of discovery

Holiday all year round with your dog by the sea

At the Marina House, your four-legged family members are not simply put up with, they are welcomed. 

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