Impressive legacy of the Roman Empire

Colourful mosaics, detailed frescoes and stunning buildings dating back to Roman times. Aquileia was once one of the largest and richest cities on the Mediterranean, today it is one of the top sights on the Adriatic. Located about 10 kilometres inland from Grado, Aquileia will truly charm you with its rich cultural heritage.

To get to Aquileia, take the cycle path towards Grado. Instead of turning into the city centre, just keep going. There is a wonderful view of the lagoon from the 5-kilometre-long headland.

Once back on the mainland, follow the path and the signs to Aquileia. This historic city was once the most important river port in Europe and the largest city in the Roman Empire after Rome.

In Aquileia you will immediately see the church tower of the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, which was built in 313 and is famous worldwide for its unique mosaics. Also worth a visit is the archaeological museum with its open-air excavation sites.

You can get the best ice cream in town at the Il Mosaico confectioners. Stop off in Grado on your way back to Tenuta Primero - Marina House.

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